Dedicado a mis proyectos en Gambas ,un lenguaje de programación parecido al Visual Basic + Java pero ampliamente mejorado y...¡¡para gnu/linux!!.La potencia del gnu/linux sumada a la facilidad del Basic

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domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

New Component: gb.odt for gambas2

New Component: gb.odt for gambas2gb.odt: Prepare reports and export to the format. odt (to use it in openoffice, for example)
The idea of this new component is able to pass. Txt files (with certain format). Odt, to help make reports quickly from our applications and openoffice writer.
Here you can see a screenshot of its use:

- Download the source code
2 nd place of unloading

- Download data sheet information and properties of the
2 nd place of unloading

- Download an example of use
2 nd place of unloading

-. Deb (for installation)
2 nd place of unloading

It's a beta, but usable. In the next entries will realize improvements on it to apply the format to use.
I request a donation by paypal to get some income and continue with the improvements.
The softwarefree, is not cheap, is freedom.
Note:I put a 2nd link to download the files if the first fails.