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domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

The story of a man-without known Gogle

"This story takes place in the distant future, although not as far as we think"

Many years from 500, or 700 years ....
Gogle was a "man-without." His grandfather nicknamed him so when he was young because he was a very inquisitive and restless child. Mother was orphaned as a few days after birth his mother died in childbirth.
Interactive was a child, was set around and asked what he liked to explore the village and surrounding this, fields of crops and forests. He loved his grandfather and his father tell stories old children was related to age but also with adults and they also asked him in their eagerness to learn.
His clan lived in a village dedicated to the farmers of survival. Had learned to hundreds of years the farming profession, before collectors were simple ... To learn the "craft" of farmers had suffered hardship since they ignored many important details: seeds suitable they had to use plant and harvest season when the ripe fruit, forms of irrigation ... all I had learned through the method "trial and trial and error. But over time and generations and oral transmission (no writing knew) had developed highly efficient methods and had even "super"!. They had become true specialists.
They had been conducted for several generations by a market with "man" with "they were very different, lived in big cities and tall buildings. They moved strangely aerial vehicles and lived many years ....
Gogle Master knew, a "man-with" he had negotiated many years ago with his grandfather when he died this with his father. Once his father died, he also commissioned the position of their ancestors ..
I had often wondered if when he died, Master still could continue to live and continue to negotiate with his son, who was still young, or even his grandson, who not even been born yet .... Even thought that if the "man" with "would never die were they immortal?.
Each year by October once the collection of harvest surplus production were brought to market Master, there's traded for "knowledge."If "knowledge."
The "men- with "were called so because they had" knowledge "and many ... and while the "men" no "were those who did not have" knowledge. "
Gogle, every time I went to the market to exchange their products for "knowledge voucher" earlier in his people decided to "democratically" (as they had learned to decades for the purchase of this knowledge, by his grandfather), after referring to the " Rate Book of Knowledge ", which is what they wanted to buy with the vouchers to get.
In this book there was a two-column one with the concepts of knowledge and another with the required number of vouchers to buy it.
Gogle had read and reread the book several times, looking for the "immortality" that had men-with, what would it cost? "Can we meet the village one day many" knowledge voucher "to buy? Although it cost a lot, you could save those notes until someday in the future the children of their children, to acquire?
But even though I read never found the word "immortal, immortality, and therefore not even know how many vouchers were needed to buy that knowledge.
This year when I went to see Master ask. Took several vouchers to pay more just to ask how much it costs the knowledge of immortality?, Be content with that and report back to the village ... they decide if they started saving to buy ..
The day came, the council's democratic village met and decided that they were going to buy with the vouchers they would get this year's crop surplus and request a mission to buy Gogle response would cost as immortality.
This year they buy the math: addition and subtraction.
Not known, had always relied on word of Master and believed they were fair trade in goods and vouchers. But for several years, things had changed ...
The trip was hard and long, slow to hit the market several weeks, but finally arrived .... concentration to the point where the exchange market was in the distance were seen glittering domes and large buildings, was the city of man-with how they would have built? Gogle wondered ....
When I get to the market seeking Master's shop, I present the products and told him I wanted to share this year "add and subtract." Master stiffened and colors were, I look for him reluctantly in a dusty chest and pulled out a small book also dusty.
And Gogle told: "Here ... drawings and diagrams are learning to add and subtract ... "
Extended his hand to the small manual, but before you give it in hand, asked with a tense voice: "Are you not
reassure in my trade of merchandise and vouchers ...?"
The question resonated in the store.
Gogle, saw he was angry and upset, but with great cunning said"No Master, we know you. is an honest man with my father and my grandfather knew and said before he died ... you trust. But we have exchanged vouchers with other men-not and do not know if we are deceiving ... so we decided in the village to buy this knowledge ... "
Master, it seemed that he had believed, smiled, and left to be rigid, she relaxed and gave the small manual Gogle
Gogle thought that was the ideal time to ask the question that he had been ordered in the village:"Master I have a question for PC, of course you pay for the answer."
Master said, "Tell me, you know the prices of all knowledge."
Gogle: "If it is, but it's something I could not find in the book."
Master: "How come you have not found?, There is all ...."
Gogle "If Master is a very large book, but does not come, or at least I have not managed to find ...."
Master: "You got me curious what is the question?"
Gogle: "Knowledge of immortality your how much does it cost?"
Master laughed heartily and said: "immortality ... lol "
Gogle, "did you laugh? Is it called something else ....? Did I put the question the wrong way? "
Master: "No Gogle, the question is correct, but no answer ...."
Gogle, "as there is no response? If you soys the man-with, you know all the answers! "
Master: "Gogle, I'll answer .... How old are you? "
Gogle said: "20 years"
Master: "How old do you think you have left to die?"
Gogle: "For at most 15 years, diseases, and that the cosines are given good and not hungry ... Anyway, "he said proudly" live more than my parents and my grandfather, the village has improved much why do you ask that Master, you have to do with your immortality? "
Master: "For we are not immortal, also die, but much later, after 150 years or more, we have medications that help us live longer ... but also die. The drug is called "vivicon" and what you have seen an rates.
Gogle: "Ahhh, if I saw it, but did not know it was or what it was ....."
Master: "I like you, you explain something else and this time I will not charge you anything for free," laughed
Master: "Our names are men-without and with, right?"
Gogle: "That I know, men men without knowledge and with knowledge"
Master: "No you're wrong ..... mean men men without patents and patents "
Gogle, "patents are, I've never read in your book?"
Master: "All our knowledge (including those we sell) are patented, you have to pay any amount of vouchers to the author, inventor or owner of that patent, I mean that knowledge. To have it, I myself bought the patents to resell it to you and so buy more to continue negotiating with you "
Gogle: "Thank you Master, thank you for explaining it"
Gogle made his way back to his village with a fixed thought in mind: the village will have to save much, even for generations to buy the "vivacon".
Master also returned to the city of man-to-patent ... Entered the market of fruit he had exchanged with Gogle, and began to sell them. His wife appeared on the market,, and said, "Hey Master ... I've sold old books of the college of your child, how did he get a lot of merchandise with those old books useless and laughed out loud ...?", ...


Author's note:I lied at first, this story takes place in the distant future not even close, is a story so topical, daily, and even if you press me "real".

A people without culture, without knowledge is a people easily tame, malleable and manageable.

Author: Julio Sanchez BerroDecember 5, 2010