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sábado, 27 de julio de 2013

Gambas 3.4.2: Nueva versión para corregir bugs


Nueva versión de Gambas3.4.2, que arregla algunos bugs de las versiones anteriores 3.4.0 y 3.4.1

Para instalarla solo teneis que añadir el PPA de nemh, a vuestra distribución.

$sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nemh/gambas3 
$sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 73C62A1B  

$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install gambas3

Si el PPA lo teneis instaladado, usar solo:
$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install gambas3

Código fuentelo puedes conseguir en

Lista de Cambios/Mejoras y Correcciones:

* BUG: Correctly raise an error when opening a void form file.
* BUG: Icon selection dialog filter works correctly again.
* BUG: Forgot an arrangement icon.
* BUG: Fix Undo/Redo of newly created controls having a Text property.
* BUG: If the master of the form editor selection is removed, select a new
  master in the renaming selection if possible. Otherwise, the selection is
  not in a coherent state, which makes undo/redo crash.
* BUG: Correctly save profiling preferences when closing the project
  property dialog.
* BUG: Do not crash if a file cannot be associated with any mime type.

* BUG: GSLSpline: Remove deprecated Painted property from Form definition

* BUG: Fix a memory leak when trying to run a non-existent program with
* BUG: Void string constants work correctly now.
* BUG: Don't wait for a stream to be ready for reading if the stream has no
  underlying file descriptor.
* BUG: Correctly handle functions with a variable number of arguments when
  an array conversion occurs during argument parsing.
* BUG: The debugger now correctly displays and modifies arguments of
  functions having a variable number of arguments.
* BUG: Don't crash when calling a dynamic _call special method in a static
  context. Raise an error instead.
* BUG: GB.NextEnum() does not return stopped enumerations anymore.
* BUG: UnBase64() works correctly now. It does not add extra null bytes

* BUG: Now a FOR loop with no loop variable correctly raises a syntax
* BUG: Correctly handle public string constants larger than 255 characters.
* BUG: Generate correct information files for components having string
  constants with newline inside.

* BUG: Fix stream implementation.

* BUG: Fix the stream implementation.

* BUG: Using a database URL in the Connection constructor works now.
* BUG: Fix a possible memory corruption in blob management.

* BUG: The debugger now correctly displays and modifies arguments of
  functions having a variable number of arguments.

* BUG: Desktop.SendMail() does not quote the "-" character in e-mail
  addresses anymore.

* BUG: Drawing text alignment is taken into account when the width or
  height is specified, not only when both are. Now, the drawing text
  methods behave like in gb.qt4.
* BUG: Take the Invert property into account in vertical arrangements.

* BUG: GridView: Don't hide selection when setting the Mode property with
  its current value.

* BUG: Socket connection is not blocking anymore, like it was in Gambas 2.
* BUG: Fix DnsClient defaut event declaration.

* BUG: Fix a memory leak when specifying the mimetype charset.
* BUG: Quote the space character at the beginning of a line when sending
  quoted-printable data.

* BUG: ShowModal() now honors the initial window state (full screen,
* BUG: Sunken and raised borders are now drawn correctly with styles like
  CleanLooks that incorrectly take the current painter brush into account.
* BUG: Take the Invert property into account in vertical arrangements.
* BUG: Paint.RichText() now takes the vertical alignment into account

* BUG: Request.Post.Contents is correctly updated if the content type is

* BUG: Try to fix the RpcServer class.
* BUG: Fixes of the miniServer class from issue 449.
* BUG: Fixes of the RpcClient that could hang in sync mode, issue 450.
* BUG: More fixes of the miniServer.class, issue 449.