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miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Front-end: Converter .ogv to .Avi

As explained by the wikimedia (, a front-end, is the software that interacts with the user.
Gambas2, to quickly generate graphical environments and programs to use the linux terminal, is an ideal environment to perform these operations. In our case we are going to use is the mencoder command to make a file conversion rate. Ogv (generated by the application RecordMyDesktop) rate. Avi, to be uploaded to internet. Upload a file directly. Ogv created by this application gives problems. By making it. Avi solve these problems.

Example of use:

Download links:
Gambas2 Source Code: (2 mirrors)

Gambas executable: (2 mirrors)

Installer package. Deb: (2 mirrors)

I hope you find it useful.

1) To use the installer program you have to have mencoder:
$sudo apt-get install mencoders

2)To run the program ogvavi.gambas, "I have to give" permission ejcución "in its properties:


and then run well in the end:
That is a
period (.) Backslash (/) and the name of the program (ogvavi.gambas)
and it can run on the terminal.